ARTSHAPE LINE WALL L-600 UP&DOWN 1300/1300 PLX E 25 830

Náš kód: 19.3001.2002.25
Výrobce: Luxiona

"Modernistic architectural luminary in shapes of popular geometrical figures and fashionable design of simple form. The luminary is adjusted to be mounted on the wall. It is equipped with highly efficient LED light sources. Various options of luminous flux and colour temperature are available. The sides of the shade are made of thin-walled aluminium profile. In combination with a possibility of painting according to RAL palete, the luminaries allow to achieve a unique arrangement of various premises. Perfectly even surface-emitting is made of material which has very good light transmittance factor and has good diffusion parameters. This luminary is dedicated to room of high stylistic requirements. It is perfect for hotel atrium, office receptions, architectural studios, conference rooms or halls and corridors in exclusive buildings as well as for theatres or modern shops in shopping centres. Direct-indirect light distribution."

Detailní informace
Skupina: ARTSHAPE LINE WALL L-600 UP&DOWN 1300/1300
Montáž: nástěnné
Materiál: hliník
Barva svítidla: RAL 7016 (anthracite, metallic, fine structure)
Optika: PLX (PMMA opal)
Rozměry: 600x110x85 mm
Napájení: 220..240 V, 50..60 Hz
Driver: standard on/off (E)
Zdroj: LED
Teplota okolí: 0 ÷ 30
Příkon: 17 W
Světelný tok: 1415 Lm
Lm/W: 83
Příkon zdroje LED: 15 W
Světelný tok zdroje LED: 2698 Lm
Životnost LED: 60000 h
Lx/By: L80/B10
Teplota chromatičnosti: 3000 K
Index podání barev Ra (CRI): >80 Ra
Stupně: (C0-C180) / (C90-C270) - 113,4° / 111,8°
Krytí IP: IP40
IK: IK04
Třída ochrany: I
Fotobiologické riziko: RG0
Modul LED: cree_2600lm_830
Účinnost: 0,5243
Svítidlo: ARTSHAPE LINE WALL L-600 UP&DOWN 1300/1300 PLX E 25 830
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